AnyConnect on Meraki!

 At long last, it is finally here. Meraki security appliances support AnyConnect in the open Beta release 16.4. For those who are blissfully unaware, Meraki’s Client VPN was lacking. You had to use the Operating System’s built-in VPN client. I can’t speak for Linux or Mac, but for Windows clients this was an operation in patience. Win10 VPN often loses settings across Windows Updates and will sometimes just not work. It’s not super user friendly to set up. It sucks. AnyConnect is used with Cisco’s ASA firewalls. A client establishes an SSL VPN tunnel between the PC and the firewall. It’s super easy to use and is fairly common for Enterprise users. From the administrative side, you can configure different policies for groups, realms, etc. I have had two AnyConnect gateways in my environment for a few years now. There’s a realm for Corp-owned devices, a realm for BYOD devices, and a realm for Vendors. We’re able to dictate access to these realms based on AD groups and leverage a 3 rd
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